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Khari or Chamki print is a traditional printing and dyeing work, the roots of which are found in Rajasthan, India. Khari print work has earned immense fame in the past decades. This art of printing enhances the look of the fabrics, even the plainest textile. 

Also known as Tinsel Printing, khari printing has been a long tradition in Rajasthan and originally this art of decorating textiles was extensively applied to the royal costumes and the articles that were used in the royal kingdoms. This art work is today practiced all over Rajasthan, Jaipur, Barmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Ajmer. Khari printing, in gold and silver, was developed to simulate the look of rich brocade and embroidery. 
Khari print Fabrics

Khari Print Products
It is very interesting to watch the weaver and artisans making exquisite patterns on wedding saris, odhnis, and turbans with speed clubbed with magnificent deftness. Khari printed products are available in the form of fabrics meant to be used to make salwar suits, kurtis, and also home furnishing products like as bed covers, cushion covers, curtains etc. Khari work is primarily done on garments that are worn for ceremonial purposes. It is also created on garments like the kanchli, ghaghra, angarkha, jama, odhna and turban cloth. A special bridal chunri called phavri or phamri is an imporatnt part of the Rajasthani bride's trousseau and is worn on festivals like Teej and Gangaur, which has elaborate khari works. This wedding chunri is usually red in colour and has a special design called khaja, printed in its centre.

Golden khari print on a simple South Cotton Saree  

Block Khari print on a Skirt
Khari print on a Cotton Kurta

Khari Print Designs & Motifs
Previously, artisans of Rajasthan used gold or silver dust for Khari printing. This was later replaced by flakes of crushed mica, or cheaper metal powders, called bodal. Nowadays, granular and fine metallic powders, in various colors on a gold or silver base, are used for tinsel printing.  The most common motifs, used in khari printing, are the phul, chandani, buti, mor, mogra, keri and khaja. The ground fabric can be of any colour and does not have to be washed earlier as in other printing techniques. 

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