The glorious tradition of Handicrafts in Assam

Assam has a glorious tradition of Handicrafts, a state which is rich in arts and crafts skills. The moment you step in Assam, the different forms of arts and crafts prevalent in the state are easily noticeable. Assam is known for its exemplary silk (Muga, Pat and Eri) , and cane and bamboo items. Silk and bamboo and cane products are believed to be the best offering of Assam. Besides these, many more scintillating handicraft products like metal crafts, pottery and woodcrafts are in Assam. The most striking feature of Assam's handicrafts is that they are unique from the handicrafts produced in other parts of the country.
HandloomHandloom is a way of life in Assam. Almost every household in the village has a loom, which is a prized pocession. Cotton, Muga, Paat (Silk) and Endi are common fabrics widely used for weaving.The traditional garments of Assamlike mekhela-chaddar, Riha and Gamosa (Towels) are known for their beauty and unique designs at the borders. Sualkuchi is the biggest silk production center and is popularly alled as the 'Manchester of Assam'. The most renowned silk type is the Muga. This is agolden colored silk produced only in Assa. Assam traditional dress mekhala chaddar and nowdays, sarees and other garments arer made of muga silk. There are other forms of silk as well like Eri, and Pat, which are only found in Assam making it more exclusive and sought after. The tradition of handlooms have stayed alive through the many tribes that are residing in the state.
JewelryGold jewelry is very famous in Assam. There are traditional designs of jewelries in Assam which are skillfully designed by jewelers of that state and which cannot be made by others. The jewellers known as Sonari make exquisite Doog-Doogi, Bana, Jon-biri, Dhol-biri type lockets; Thuriya, Loka-paro and Keru earrings; Gaam-kharu bracelets and Gal-pata necklaces.Cane and Baboo HandicraftsAssam is rich in cane and bamboo forests. As such the state has all the raw materials required to make exquisite pieces of furniture and cane products. The fine artistic sense of making the cane furniture and cane products shows the expertise of the craftsmen. The various products like the Chalani (sieve), kula (winnowing pan), Khorahi (small baskets), the Japi (hat), Sitalpati (mats), Murha (stool) with colorful design and motif are highly appreciated all over the world.
Metal HandicraftsMetal products are famous in Assam. Most metal products are made of bell metal and brass. Brass and Bell Metal products are known for their beauty, strength and utility. In Hajo of Kamrup district Brass is an important cottage industry. Sarthebari in the same district is famous for bell metal crafts. The artisans of Assam make Kalah (water pot), Sarai, Kahi (dish), Bati (bowl), Lota and Tal (cymbals) out of these materials. The use of these metals were seen even in ancient times in utensils and statues. Today, they are also used for making fancy household items.PotteryThere are artists in Assam which are specialized in pottery. Pottery has made its mark in Assam . Various products like household articles, toys, dolls and images of worship are exquisite examples of immaculate craftsmanship Assam's pottery artists.
Wooden HandicraftsExquisite woodcarvings are seen in the doors, walls, beams, and ceilings and also in the temples of Assam . The state is largely enriched the woodcraft in the State. The decorative panels in the royal palace of Ahoms and in the Vaishnavite monasteries display the skillful artistic hands of the Khanikars. There are traditional wooden crafts like the painted wood work of Golaghat , which shows the folk art of the state, Kuhila Koth is a famed handicraft of Batadrava area of Nagaon district, which is woven on a simple loom-like gadget made of wood and bamboo poles to produce seats, mats and cushions.

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