Ever increasing demand of handicrafts

Handicraft is the term characterized by minimum or no use of machines, an artifact made by using conventional methods and tools. Handicrafts are made and used for various purposes in early civilizations. A particular section of the people began making handicrafts for royalty or the influential people of the period, for trade and commerce and for the general public. Indus Valley Civilization in India had seen the mass production of beads and pottery for the purposes mentioned above. The invention of the metallurgical methods led to a great development in the production of metal handicrafts. The first metal to be discovered was copper and numerous artifacts were made in copper and bronze. Similarly gold, silver, iron proved to be major materials in the metallurgical advancements. There are also stone, glass, wood, paper and textiles as well used to make crafts.

In the beginning, handicrafts were made for the utility purposes. But once the utility purpose was successfully served, the handicrafts were made for decorative purposes. Several handicrafts now decorate homes, offices, gardens, and others.Textile and jewelry are the crafts that are an integral part of everyone's lives. These crafts are now in highly advanced age and demand is over multi-billion dollars.

Handicrafts are nowadays an important commodity for trade and commerce and the busness volume is growing. Countries like India, Thailand, China, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are powerhouses of handicrafts.

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