An ode to Indian Handicrafts

India is a land of diverse cultures, lifestyles, traditions etc. which have added the most exquisite and vibrant designs to handicrafts. Available in a spellbinding variety of beautiful motifs, designs, materials and products, Indian handicrafts are going places with their ethnic designs, attractive textures and intricate craftsmanship. India has always been the treasure house of arts and crafts, with endless variety and constant evolution.
India is one of the major exporter and supplier of handicrafts to the world market. There is a constant growing demand of Indian Handicrafts in the foreign countries. Most foreigners or people of the developed countries have always a special affinity towards Indian products like hand embroidered textiles, jewelries, carpets, tie and dye textiles, artistic metal products, utility oriented brass items and hence there is a good demand of these products in the foreign market.
The present day handicraft market of India is a perfect example of a combination of traditional designs and modern techniques. The fast growing demand for Indian handicraft items has made this sector a full-fledged large scale organized industry and it is great to know that it is growing day by day.

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