Creativity in Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are a great activity to show creativity, skill, and innovation. Papercrafting has been around a long, long time. It is an ancient craft idea used for making decorative items in various styles, shapes and sizes. With modern development there are different types of paper crafts and there are many paper craft ideas, influenced by different cultures rich with history and unique origins. As time pass, more and more paper craft activities became popular hobbies. An interesting creativity developed in both young and old alike. There are many types of paper crafts and activities discussed as follows:

Paper craft activities
Paper craft activities involve many activities like makimg cards, gift wrappers, envelopes, paper bags, decorative items like flowers, animal figures, christmas trees, garlands, bouquets, and may other such items which are highly creative , innovative and beautiful.

Types of paper crafts
Origami: This is one of the most most papular type of paper craft, originated in Japan. Origami papers in various colors and textures are folded to create different structures of varied shapes and sizes. This traditional Japanese art of paper folding, has become popular in many countries for their unique representation of an object, using only one piece of paper, making geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without gluing or cutting the paper.

Decoupage: Once considered “poor man’s art,” today it has become another popular type of papercrafting. These papercrafts are commonly used to create stunning, decorative effects on furniture and other items. The basic idea is to glue paper cutouts onto an object and covering them with varnish or lacquer. Nearly any type of paper can be used. Items can even be be made more antique for greater interest by using tea or coffee.

Paper Tole:In this form of paper craft, different three dimensional images are created. In such crafts, many indistinguishable prints are assimilated and after cutting out the components they are shaped and layered out again. In this craft, many materials are required like scissors, cutting board, knife, craft tweezers, glue, graphic pen and shaping tools. It is basically the art of handcrafting three-dimensional pictures from flat prints. Widely used in making cards.

Papier-mâché: This type of craft was originally invented in China. Papier-mâché is used for creating different decorative items. Papier mâché is a construction material made from a paper product—either pulp or torn paper and a glue — either wallpaper paste, flour and water, or resin. This craft is used to make different items like paper knives, cellars, trays, jars, album covers, boxes and other decorative items.

Paper Marbling:Paper marbling carft is used for turning colors on pieces of white paper. In other words paper marbling involves the use of colored water-based paint to create marble effects on pieces of thick, white paper. This is done by using colored water base paints. By applying this technique of paper craft, colored papers popularly called marble papers are produced. The quality of paper used for making marble papers needs to be very strong, so that it can bear water without tearing.

Quilling: Quilling is another popular paper craft idea where very thin sheets of paper are folded, bend, rolled and pinched to form different shapes and sizes.This craft is alsp known as paper filigree. Quilling requires very cheap and easily materials. Thin sheets of paper folded or rolled to form various shapes or pictures and then taking those shapes and making pictures and designs out of them. These quilled designs can be used in card-making, scrapbooking or other decorative crafts.

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