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Blue Pottery is a type of glazed stoneware pottery. This is not made of clay but mainly of silica mixed with glass powder, fuller's earth (multani mitti) and bicarbonate soda.  Blue Pottery, as a craft, originated in Persia and Turkey and were characterized by Islamic patterns. However, Blue Pottery has become an integral part of the arts, crafts,  and culture of Jaipur. It is said that Blue Pottery arrived in Jaipur in the early 1900s. In this span of more than 200 years, it has gone through major changes. According to legends, Mughals bought the technique of blue pottery while traveling via Kashmir. They trained the Kashmiri artisans and others all over north India, in fond remembrance of their homeland, Samarkand. Jaipur is the home of glazed blue pottery today. Blue pottery products are a shopper's delight.
Blue Pottery Products
Blue Pottery Products
  • Flower pots 
  • Vases
  • Cups, plates, bowls
  • Glazed tiles 
  • Ashtrays
  • Lamp shades
  • Jars 
  • Surahis (small pitcher)
  • Trays
  • Coasters
  • Door knobs 
  • Many decoration items
Process of making blue pottery products
Due to its low plasticity, blue pottery cannot be molded on the potter's wheel. The material has to be molded by hand, and given beautiful shapes. The product is molded in parts, and then joined. A clear white base is formed for painting.  After this, it is hand painted. Cobalt oxide is used to create outlines. Other metal oxides are used to fill in the color. Thereafter, the product is dipped in clear glaze and fired once in a wooden kiln. The glaze used is lead based due to its low firing temperature.

Characteristics of Blue Pottery Products
  • Blue Pottery products are continuously smooth.
  • They do not develop any cracks 
  • Blue Pottery is resistant, hygienic, and suitable for daily use 
  • Blue Pottery products are semi-transparent 
  • They are fragile as they are being fired at very low temperature.   
Motifs and Designs
Blue Pottery products can be intricately and beautifully decorated with brush. Blue Pottery products are mostly decorated with animal, bird and floral motifs. The blue color or turquoise color is obtained from copper oxide and dark ultramarine colour is obtained from cobalt oxide. Available mostly in Japan and also in handicrafts stores based in India, blue pottery products are wonderful gift items as well home decor and utility items.
Blue Pottery Utensils
Blue Pottery Vase
Blue Pottery Bowl
Blue Pottery Handicrafts

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