Traditional Metal Chowki, Handcarved Metal Chowki, White Metal Chowki

Traditional Metal Chowki
Metal chowki is a traditional handcrafted item of Indian handicrafts, originally from Rajasthan, the colorful state of India. This is a low height square shaped table which is elegantly carved in metal with intricate detailing or hand painting with vibrant colors. Chowkis are wonderful gift items in modern times. They are a popular decoration item in modern homes, giving a traditional and royal look with a contemporary touch. They can be kept in the living room corner as a show piece or else you can put another decorative piece on top of it at an elevated place. In Indian homes, chowkis are also kept in the puja room to keep God's idol and other pooja accessories.

Designs of Metal Chowkis
The beauty of the metal chowkis are further highlighted with their fine finish,  brilliant metallic luster, and intricate colorful designs and carvings. The colorful designs range from meenakari works to normal paintings. The designs vary from colorful floral patterns to ornate peacock in bright colors etched on it with craved borders. They are indeed distinct piece of art that make them a priceless treasure. 

Traditional metal chowki is considered a unique handcrafted collectible item. Excellent metalwork on white metal chowki looks very elegant and has beautiful designs etched on it.

Metal Chowkis Gallery
Hand Carved Metal Chowki
White Metal Chowki
Meenakari Metal Chowki

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