The Artistic World of Tribal Crafts

India tribes have a rich craft tradition. With a large number of tribal population spreading all across the country, tribal arts and crafts, including tribal furniture have created an impact amongst foreign tourists. The age old tribal and rural crafts are part of India's rich cultural heritage. These crafts are preserved with loving care inspite of emergence of machines and advanced techniques. Each state of India, each region has its distinctive craftwork like the basketry of Arunachal Pradesh, terracotta votive decorations of Gujarat, metal casting of Madhya Pradesh, brass work of Moradabad, bamboo work of Assam and so on.

Demand of Tribal Crafts

Tribal crafts are simple and artistic. Representing the excellent artistic and craftsmanship skills of Indian tribal artisans, the tribal crafts have earned a reputed name in the domestic and International Market. These crafts in the form of Baskets, Agarbatti Stands and Diya, Jewelry, Carpets and Rugs,Candle Holders, Bells and Chimes, Handcrafted Furniture, Paintings etc. depict the beauty and simplicity of the tribal people. The continuity of tribal art, culture, tradition through the past, present and future is also maintained through tribal craftwork. They have an eye catching appeal of their own and are highly appreciated.

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