Welcome to the world of Silver Handicrafts

Welcome to the world of silver handicrafts where the pure, shiny, shimmering silver material is magically crafted into fascinating pieces of adornment and lovely art forms. India is a home to silver products be it the lovely pieces of jewelry or the wonderful handicrafts or the silver furniture.
Rooted in traditions, customs, and folklore, the land of Orissa is a home to silver artifacts, especially the silver filigree work, locally known as Tarakashi. This delicate craft is especially renowned for its unparalleled intricacy. Silver handicrafts are in huge demand all over the world owing to their unique appeal and intricate craftsmanship.
There is an extensive collection of aesthetically designed handcrafts, which the adept Indian craftsmen manufacture and all the products evoke an unique appeal on a worldwide scale.
Types of silver handicrafts
  • Silver decoratives like jewelry boxes, picture frames, candle holders, flower vases, boxes.
  • Silver puja items
  • Silver desk accessories like card holders, pen stands, pen, silver coasters.
  • Silver furniture
  • Silver cutlery
  • Silver jewelry

Increasing demand for silver
Industrial demand for silver has grown consistently over the years because of silver's many unique properties, including its strength, ductility, malleability, its unparalleled thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and its ability to endure extreme temperature ranges.

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