Metal Artware and Decoratives

The art of metallurgy has been mastered by Indian craftsmen 5000 years back and this is evident from the various artworks like the beautiful image of the dancing girl from Mohanjodaro, the nataraja statue, the ashoka iron pillar at Mehrauli (Delhi) and many more, which clearly indicates the high level of workmanship attained by ancient craftsmen. Metal craft is an integral part of the Indian ethos. Made out of a variety of materials like copper, bronze, iron, brass, bell metal, white metal etc., Indian craftsmen are manufacturing various items like pots, utensils, weapons, photo frames, pans, sculptures of deities, mythological, candle holders, metal artwares and decoratives.

Important metal crafts producing regionsIn the field of metal work a variety of styles are seen in different parts of India. For example, the Ladakh area of Kashmir is famous for traditional vessels like bowls, samovars, plates and trays are made out of iron and brass. In "Naqasi", elaborate floral and calligraphic designs are imprinted on metals items like copper and silver, which are oxidized, and this makes the design to stand out from the background.Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is well known for its brass items. With intricate carvings and etching, a wide range of household items like trays, bowls, pots and ornamental pieces are made here. Benaras in UP is another place well known for household utensils and cast sculptures of deities.

Rajasthan is known for its rich tradition of metal craft. Jaipur is the main center for brass engraving and lacquering, famous for photo frames, bowls, plates, boxes etc. At Alwar the art of Koftagari or damascening work is practiced. Making of bronze sculptures is common in Palitana in Gujarat. In many other states also Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Assam the art of metal work flourishes.

Different manufacturers in India offer a full range of high quality decoratives available in splendid designs such as picture frames, candle holders, hangings, wall arts, metal artwares, metal furniture, jewelry boxes, aluminum crafts, lanterns, t-lite lamps. Each product is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, depicting their craftsmanship and artistry. These handicrafts are made in accordance to modern trends and hence widely appreciated in the International markets.

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